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Hopefully we’ve covered most things on this website or our Facebook page and were also on Instagram

We  will make an event page with in the main  Facebook page and this will contain specific information relating to each venue, a site layout plan, a track map closer towards race day. If you have booked online a Racers info Technical Document is available on this website, it will also be copied into each event page on Facebook with specific information for each event given.

If your withdrawing from a race event you need to do this 14 days before entries close{they typically close on the sunday before each event week at 8pm},  you will need to email us so that this is registered with the admin team. Please don’t text or send a message of Facebook as these can be missed. EMAIL is always best and the only way to get your refund! Please note there is a £15 admin fee and the BC refund fee of £1 to pay. 

National events are refunded differently, typically a refund is not possible after 28day before the event but we will confirm this for 2021 season. 

If you would like to contact us for more information about any of the events , please drop us an email  or you can contact us via our Facebook messenger 

Email :

We do have a mobile number 07778 422144 but please just drop a text as the phone is mostly unmanned/ turned off  or unavailable until/ except for  race week.