Spectator and Media Information.


BY Entering the race venue you are doing so at your own risk and acknowledge any risk in doing so. Downhill Mountain Bike racing is a potentially hazardous sport and although we take everystep to minamise any risk of potential accidents they can still happen !. Please be aware of the risk and keep yourself, your children and pets away from any danger.

All spectators and family members of racers are invited to attend and participate in the event from behind the taped tracking especially any areas that are double taped B Zones, however we kindly ask that at some venues parking maybe limited and ask that you park sensiably as we may have racers wishing to leave the venue early or more importantly we may have to get Paramedics and event vehicles in to assist with any emergency. 

We do not charge any entrance fee or a parking fee at any of our events. Unfortunatley we are unable to reserve spaces for Disabled parking. 

Please Keep any small children away from the track edge and away from any potential danger. Younger children can be distracted and not aware of any potential danger. 

If you are bringing a dog along with you please keep them on a lead at all times, some of our venues are on farm land and may have free roaming livestock.  Please clean up any mess and dispose of it approiatley as we also have small children at most events who like to play and  roll around on the hillside.

Please do not attempt to cross over the track unless a marshal is nearby and gives an indication it is safe to do so. Racers can be travelling at speeds of unto and sometimes in excess of  50kmph and do not make much noise on approach.

Do not enter any taped out B zones or stand on the lower part of any track, if a rider is too crash they will ultimately go downwards towards the lower side of a track, B Zones are in place for the protection of everybody and are strictly no go zones to everybody including all  media !. 

Please observe all signage and obey any Marshall or the Track teams directions, for your safety aswell as that of our team and the Racers. 

MEDIA Accreditation

If you attend any of our events with the intention to take, use, distribute for free and or sell media on Roots&Rain, Facebook or other platform you must register at Race Control and collect a Media vest and a wrist pass to be able to film or photograph at any of our races . The event is hosted by Gravity Events Uk/ Welsh DH Series and the permission is given to take images or record content to those that can produce a valid Public Liability Insurance for a Min £3,00000, those not accredited will be deemed to be there with out permission and any rights to the images or content invalid. 

Accreditation  is a condition of our event and covers yourself within the Guidelines of British Cycling code for the protection of children.  A copy of which can be found here 

The vests will help our track team and Marshals identify yourselves whilst trackside.The wearing of a vest does not give you special access to any area including any marked B Zones or permit you access to the uplift. The vest is to be worn at all times on the outside of all clothing. Media maybe permitted to use our uplift service for free, subject to space being available. if we are using open tractor/trailer units you may only uplift providing you have some form of head protection/ cycle helmet securely fastened on your head. This is a condition of our uplift insurance. 

Please bring with you a copy of your Public Liability Insurance along with a Media ID. This can be sent beforehand to admin@gravity-events.uk and will be kept on file for all our future events.

You are reminded to stay above the track , never below! for your safety as well as for the racers. All lenses or poles  should be behind the taped line and not in the track. Please be mindful of how you place your Flashes as this can startle or temporarily blind a riders sight especially in darkened wooded areas. Please obey any of the Marshals instructions or that of the Events Team. 

Do not alter the course tape and please be mindful of any debris, such as flying rocks coming from trackside. 

Please make sure you hand back your vest at the end of the day. Vest not returned will be charged at £15 each. 

Please mention ‘Gravity Events Uk & Welsh DH Series  in any media listings or reports and publications and we also invite you to share with us any media so we can share this for you, point riders towards your listings and credit you accordingly. 

Failure to abide by the above conditions and any instructions given  at the Event or after will lead to you being asked to leave and or may result you being declined access to any further events .Failure to register for the event will also lead to taking steps to have the images taken down from your hosting site.