Race Day info

Round1 17/18 March Hamsterley Forest, {Northern Champs, double points}

Round 2 28/29 April Molefre Hall

Round 3 9/10 June Llangollen

Round 4 18/19 August Caersws

Round 5 8/9 September Rheola

4 out of 5 rounds to count,round 5 being compulsory with series  points awarded throught the series.

This is a Regional A race event,Some events will be Championship rounds and may have Double BC points.  We use national level tracks that are uplifted via our dedicated uplift trailers and uplift is included in your entry fee. Our events are governed by British Cycling regulations, these are available online or you may look through our website at our guide to racing downhill.

For the full BC regulations please follow the link:https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/bc_files/rulebook/2017/C8_-_Mountain_Bike_Specific_Regulations.pdf

For age categories please follow this link:https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/search/article/mtbst_Mountain-Bike-Category-System-Explained

The track will be closed from Friday morning to enable the track team to tape out and organise the paddock area. It will be available for a riders track walk after 4.00PM,

Saturday: Sign on opens at 8.15am till 1pm. The track should go live for practise at 9.45am approx. Practise will be all day with the last 2 hours full runs only. Track closes approx. 4.20PM and the last uplift will leave the bottom car park at 4.45PM. If you miss this you may have to push up the hill.

Sunday: Sign on opens at 8.15am closes at 10.00am The track should be live at approx. 9.30am Full runs from 10.30 till 11.30, Practise finishes at 11.30, approx. 20/25 mins for lunch

First race runs from 11.50am Second race runs from 1.50pm Podiums 30 min after final race run at the top car park.

Sign on, is at the top car park in the wooden hut next to the Café’ too Collect your number board, Chip tags will be available on the Sunday morning from Race control.

Race fee’s ; these remain the same as last year at £70 plus BC booking fee, this is the online booking fee and shuts on Thursday at 8PM of the week of racing. You may pay on the day for your weekend racing at £80 or Sunday only is £45 +£5 admin/transponder fee. You can also uplift with us on Saturday only for £40. Payment can only be accepted in cash.

Timing, We are using transponder type timing, please make sure you collect you chip from the timing centre at the finish line on your first practise run on Sunday morning. And return them after your second race run. Any chips not returned will be charged at £25 {they are itemised against your race number} 

Camping/ parking, There is limited space at the top carpark, please be considerate and allow others to park alongside. There is also a Camping field near the lower carpark, this will be signposted. Please note , no overnight camping is permitted in the lower carparkat Hamsterley . This is Forestry Commisions rules and we need to stick to this if we are to be able to hold future races at Hamsterley. Please note there are no water taps available. 

Please be careful if your using BBq’s , there is to be no fire directly on the ground although a firepit is acceptable, please have a means to be able to extinguish any fire and make sure it is extinguished at the end of the evening.

Toilets. There is a toilet provide at the top carpark and a single unit will be placed near the uplift.

Skip. We will provide a miniskip in the top carpark. Please keep your camping area clean and dispose of rubbish in the skip. If you’re in the lower campsite please bring your bags up to the top carpark and place in the skip. The mess left last year did not best please Paul and Sue and threatens us being able to use Hamsterley in the future.

Noise and etiquette   Strictly No generators or music after 10pm . We do have families with young children so please be considerate.

Catering, this is in the top carpark , please bring any water with you as there are no taps.

Medics, their base will be situated in the top carpark, should you require attention please make your way to them or if unable , contact a member of the team or a Marshall who will radio for assistance.

Security, Please be vigilant when leaving your belongings or your race bike around , the Event is held in a pubic Forest.

Further event info will be emailed to you a week before the event or you can check our Event page on our Facebook page as this will have regular updates.

Please like/share the Facebook page with other riders .

Force Majeure, Whilst every effort is made to bring you a quality event if directly or indirectly we are unable to fulfil our obligations in any way by either an act of God, strike , breakdown, trade dispute, strike, any Governmental or Political act, act of war or terrorism, acts of omissions a third party or for any other reason whatsoever beyond Gravity Events Up control then we shall not be held responsible or liable in anyway for any compensation, refund, re-imbursement or costs, transport or hotel in any matter .Refunds are available upto 14 days before entries close and will incur a nominal £10 refund fee to cover admin/BC costs. No refund is available after this time. We are unable to transfer entries to another rider or event without a transfer fee of £10 being paid although this isn’t possible within the 14 days prior to an event being held.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the Event is still proceeding before travelling, we will make every effort to make sure this is widely known as soon as any decision is made .

Should an event be cancelled we are unable to refund or part refund or provide a transfer of place to another event.

We will however provide any updates on our Facebook page .

Read more at https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/details/169951/GRAVITY-EVENTS-UK-presents-the-Borderline-DH-Series–Round-1#cqLI6hk7dfAwamER.99