New to Racing

Here you will find some info on how to get into racing downhill and what you can expect from our race series .

Which age category should I be in ?

Essentially its bit like racing a world cup , your allowed to do a trackwalk on the friday afternoon once the course has been taped up, and again first thing on saturday morning. You will have to sign on to get your race number board, transponders will be issued on Sunday Morning only. If you are completely new to racing please notify our team at sign who may mark your number board, this will allow you to be one of the first on track, giving you some space before the seasoned riders start their practise runs.

Once the Marshals are in place and the track is live, practise may begin, for the first part of the day you may be allowed to stop in a place that is safe to do so, normally this is where fire roads are or on long wide parts of the track.This will give you a chance to see line choices or simply gather yourself after a fall or to catch a breath if needed.  Please do not stop on blind corners or on jump features. you and your bike must not hinder another rider or you may be asked to move on by a marshal, obey all marshals directions without question.

Later on  in the day we will have full runs only rule so that everyone gets the chance to complete at least 2 full runs before practice finishes.

After practise Saturday  many riders head up the hill for another trackwalker as lines or ruts may have changed during he day or simply to have another look at a section you may not have dialled in just yet. The eveing will see many cleaning and servicing their bikes ready for sunday.

On Sunday you will be asked to collect your timing transponder and attach this to your bike or person, this is how you will get your live practice timing and also your race result times. After your first run please check you have registered a time, if not please see the timing staff to look at this for you. We hope to run practise with the last 1.5 hrs as full runs only.

The first race times are normally posted around 10.30 once we’ve sorted your seeding position and this will be posted either at race control or at the event catering stand. This will display your start time, please allow enough time to get there approx 15 minutes before hand. If you miss you position it may be classed as a Did Not Start  {DNS} . after your first run. Times will be posted around 20 mins later with you result and your final seeding run time. Typically its around 2 1/2 hrs interval from first run to second run

Once you have done your final run don’t forget to hand back your transponder and check your result. Full published results are posted and podiums are around 30 mins after the last race run.

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