Here you will find all the details for our 2019 Gravity Events UK DH Series aswell as racers information, marshals information and a small guide if your new to racing and how to get involved.

Firstly let me say thank you from the team for your support in getting our first year off to a bang, we had a couple of hiccups but we addressed them as quick as they were identified and put measures inlace so they didn’t happen again. Thank you all for sticking with us, our last 2 rounds went without a hitch and we aim to keep it that way!

Since we took over the running of the Borderline DH Series from Mike Marsden in October 2017 and then running 2018 on our owners been a sharp learning curve, the one thing that kept cropping up was Timing so for 2019 we have invested heavily and bought our own Tag Heuer timing system with Vola software, this is a no compromise system and is the same as Pearce Events has used for years without fault. Who better to to the advice from. 

We looked at everything in 2018, the venues, how we can create that National type feel with a friendly approachable vibe!, Bringing in individual category prizes, a mechanic onsite at every event to get you back on track as quickly as possible,  music played throughout the event, a Finish field announcer, a better experience and support for the Marshals and a hot beverage flask so they can have a hot drinks mountain side. Also we will be introducing Media Vests to register and identify the media on track to bring them into the British Cyclings code  and guidelines on Child Protection, on the whole it came together by round 3& 4  we aim to expand on all this for 2019 and get that experience spot on.. 

In 2019 we kick things off with some Race experience days firstly at Danny Harts Descend Bikepark over the Christmas period and then in early February we will repeat this at a Welsh venue, please check out Facebook for updates.

Please check Back for more updates, we also post regularly on our Instagram and Facebook Page.